There is something quite special about an appetite-inducing food image isn’t there! Similarly for a thirst-indicing beverage photograph. Food and cocktail photography is about initiating an emotion for those who are viewing the images and ideally it should trigger a message in their brain that says ‘I would love to eat at this pub’ or ‘I really want to try that cocktail’.  But food and cocktail photography is not as straight-forward as you would think. The subtleties of light play a huge part on how the final image appears and there is always a lot of work in the finishing/editing process in order to extract the very best from the images, so that those emotive triggers are pulled and all of a sudden you feel like food and really want to try that drink! My photography is not restricted to bars and restaurants – I’ll happily take on any food/beverage photo assignment, whether that be bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, catering, take-away or food trucks.