Photography has interested me for literally decades.  Recently I’ve graduated from an enthusiast travel/casual photographer to a professional photographer with a keen eye and a real passion for urban landscapes and commercial photography. I began photographing the Sydney bar scene a few years ago, right when Sydney’s small bar ‘boom’ was really at it’s peak and that helped establish me as a specialist bar and venue photographer. It wasn’t too long after this that I began food and cocktail photography and this has become a real passion of mine, primarily because food and beverage photography is a lot more complicated than you would think and the finishing and editing process is very labour intensive, but the results can be spectacular.  All photography can be truly rewarding and the art of photography is one that is forever challenging and yet forever rewarding. When I manage to perfectly capture a moment, perfectly compose a shot, or perfectly finish an image, I am reminded why it is that photography has interested and fascinated me from many, many years ago and will continue to interest and fascinate me for many, many years to come.  Put simply, I love being a photographer.