Event photography is always an unknown quantity, because you’re never really sure what’s going to happen on the night. And working a big room, like a black-tie gala event for example is a challenge because the camera lens can only ever be in one place at a time, so constantly surveying the room for some action, or to get the best reaction shot is a key aspect of event photography. The reward with event or music photography is being able to predict, then capture that special moment – a moment, where for a split second, the night is encapsulated in one shot. It doesn’t always work out that perfectly, but when it does it really is a case of a picture saying a thousand words.

Holding a gig at your pub, or an awards night with your organisation can be a bit of a ‘big deal’, so capturing such an event is a great way to document the success of your gig or the success of your staff. Quality photography generally makes for better viewing that iPhone ‘happy snaps’ too, so quite often the investment in a photographer for your event is money well spent.  If you have an event you’d like photographed – whether that be a conference, a gig, an awards night, or anything at all that is a bit of a ‘big deal’ (or a small deal for that matter!), please get in touch and we can chat about your requirements and how your event can be captured at it’s very best.